Winthrop University


The Alpha Delta Pi experience is one that enriches the lives of its members through friendships, opportunities for personal growth, happy memories, commitment to high ideals, development of good decision-making skills, and a sense of pride in being a sorority woman. We encourage our members to get involved on campus and seek leadership roles in special interest and honor societies.

Here at Alpha Delta Pi, we hold academics at a very high value. Our sisters are provided with many academic resources, such as Study Buddies, and multiple Study Hours throughout the week. Our overall Spring 2020 GPA was a 3.679, and our sisters have shown great determination and strength, even with all the craziness that has taken place this year!

We also take pride in our Sisterhood Events! These events include Chapter Retreat, Workout Wednesdays, Basketball Games, Craft Nights, and so much more. However, we also recognize that, in order to grow our sisterhood, we must understand one another first, which is why we also provide resources for our sisters to grow on a deeper level. Once a semester, our chapter takes part in “Behind Happy Faces.” This¬†is a national program that brings awareness to issues of sexual violence, hazing, and mental health. By enriching our sisterhood with fun events, as well as allowing serious and impactful conversations to take place, we make sure our sisters are growing with one another just as much as they are growing with themselves.¬†

With 100% of our members being active in outside organizations, and 57% of our sisters having leadership roles within those organizations, we are proud of our sisters, and their initiative to make change in our campus and community. Some organizations our sisters show leadership in are Teaching Fellows, WU Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Peer Mentors, and so much more. Within the Rock Hill community, we also serve with programs, such as Pilgrims Inn, Can Food Drives, and Come See Me Festival. Our sisters are proud to be leaders both inside and outside of our organization!